World Oyster Festival

Client  •  Greenwood Fish Market

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Following our rebrand of Greenwood Fish Market, we were contracted to rebrand their yearly main event, the World Oyster Festival. The approach was to maintain the refined rustic feel and apply visual strategy to push sales of Oysters and to get patrons to sample from over 20 different varieties of exotic Oysters brought in from all over the world.

World Oyster Festival 2017

[Fifth World Oyster Festival]

The table placemats were created with carefully curated oyster descriptors and wine pairings to entice consumer uptake. We included a guide to oyster tasting to primarily interest patrons to purchase multiple oysters to try different ways of tasting and secondarily to reduce consumer anxiety while waiting for their meals.

The new Oyster tags were inserted under each freshly shucked oyster for identification which the customers could collect!

[Fourth World Oyster Festival]

In order to create an eye catching Instagram marketing push for their World Oyster Festival event, animated teasers for upcoming promotions were weaved into their posts that formed a larger whole when viewed on Instagram.