Season of Giving 2017

Client  •  Singapore Sports Hub

// Event Collaterals

Key visual development
On-site Collaterals
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Event Guide
Festive Gift Wrap

Season of Giving 2017 at the Singapore Sports Hub. They wanted the theme to be focused on kindness, charity, and also a winter wonderland. To bring across the element of gifts, we utilized gift tag placeholders for information portions, alongside Christmas elements like mistletoe and snow. To help the presents stand out even more, we chose a cool blue for the background while the presents were tied in a festive red.

Adaptation of Key Visual onto merchandise like Christmas gift wrapping paper, we were quite happy with how these turned out!

// Animated e-Card


Christmas animated e-card for sending out to their clients.

// Festive Decor

Glass Sticker Wraps

Singapore Sports Hub also wanted their venues to be wrapped with festive decor to give off the Christmas vibes. Using layering to give a feeling of depth, we used a snow background alongside Christmas trees and falling snow to give viewers a sense like as though they are in the North Pole near Santa’s workshop.