Jump Arena

Client  •  Jump Arena, Vietnam

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Jump Arena was our first foray into the Vietnamese market, the owners wanted to create a space that attracted kids, teenagers and young adults to come and try the sport. They wanted the feel to be cool but not too hardcore. We created a whole suite of assets for them, from the feel of the interior to their merchandise, marketing materials and on site posters.

We utilized a mix of colours that had positive connotations in Vietnamese culture, the orange to represent energy and thirst for becoming better and the blue for dependability and cool vibes.

Initial Proposals

One of the logo and typography concepts we created for them was inspired by the jumping ramps they have on site and also arrow motifs to bring movement.

These are a sampling of merchandise and onsite items that we created for them, which ranged from socks to clothes to their tickets and wristbands.

These are a sample of flyers we created for their opening event, utilizing composites of various trampoliners and bright typography, we wanted to create a cool and energetic vibe for their marketing.